Saturday, January 21, 2006

Activities, activities...... Year 1970

To All Our Chinese Friends
(ying chun jie fu)
Welcoming the happiness of Spring!
Some started the year 1970 with a bang! at Chee Nong's house.
(The coffee shop opposite the old market next to a small lane)
Seated: Chee Nong's mum, Toh Hwa,Yuet Ngor, Ah Ngoh
Standing: Chee Nong, Lee Seng, Segar, Jee Oon

and then a trip to Mt Ophir. Full of energy and carefree!

No worry about children, money, career, job.......

Another shot: the mountain is high, we will make it

higher by another 5ft for the records.

One of ourselves for remembrance

13 March 1970

Cooking at the chalet in Kota Tinggi, Sam Teck's the chef

Next to nature:Tee Ah Teng,Lim Kim Hong,Yau Yok Lan, Yuet Ngor

Another shot at nature with Tey Heng Hong and a Junior

Girl Guides at Ayer Panas- June 1970

Jamboree in Malacca 1st August 1970

Ms Kaur in sun-glasses

Jamboree site in Malacca with the scouts

Ah Ngoh, why are you there next to Ah Lai, you supposely

left Ledang in 1969?

Sports Day 1970. Girl Gides at forefront during march-past

Boys Scouts on Sports Day.

Camp-fire @ Ledang for Girl-Guides and Scouts on 14 August 1970

Another scene on the Camp-fire

No chance to get on stage, we got to the stage after the

concert to show our talent!

During the annual Science and Maths Societies Party

A 'family' photo to remember on the party 28 October 1970

Playing a game with newspapers

Of course the main attraction was the makan.

This party on 1st Jan 1971 included friends who left us for

the 'pure' sciences in the big towns. This was indeed the farewell

party for all of us, like the areca seeds that scatters when its nanny splits.

Why not do something funny before we go our ways!

It was'nt a big gathering though; afterall exam's already over,

our fates sealed with the papers that were being marked.

To each our own, the future unknown, and now still around

to reminise; we got to thanks our gods that we are still

able to meet and chat over those old days.

Thanks for your time going through these pictures and hope you enjoy them as much as I do doing the posting.